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Who We Are

Continue the vision of our founder, SGT Lonnie Jackson (now deceased), by leading:

Saturday Tutorial (Each Saturday, Sept. - May 9  from 10AM - 12PM) Rothschild Leadership Academy cafeteria

Summer Tutorial (June) Lonnie Jackson Academy classrooms/Rothschild Leadership Academy cafeteria

Operation Esprit de Corps - Anti-Litter and Beautification activities

MLK Pride Month's Clean Up Drive (January-February)

Voting Awareness Crusade and Voter Registration Drives (TBA)

Activities at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park (Veterans Day and Memorial Day)

What We Do

“How we got started”

Because of a fervent interest in serving the community, the late Retired Sergeant Lonnie Jackson founded the “Combined Communities of Southeast Columbus” organization (CCSC, Inc.).  This local service organization was designed to enhance the promotional growth of its residents throughout the city of Columbus, especially Southeast Columbus.

SGT. Jackson spearheaded a summer tutorial program for school-aged youth, designed to give additional help, outside the classroom, to students requiring reinforcement in reading and math skills.  The non-profit, community-based organization's Executive Director is Lonya Jackson-Sarden, who stepped up to the plate to continue her fathers’ dream and work in the community. Tresa Hart-Williams is the organization's Chair.

The program is staffed by volunteers, including its Principal, Retired Educator Tresa Hart-Williams, every Saturday  from late August or the first Saturday after Labor Day until the end of April or the first Saturday in May, at Rothschild Leadership Academy and Lonnie Jackson Academy schools, from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.  CCSC will operate a Summer Tutorial Program during the month of June from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. at a local elementary school, usually Lonnie Jackson Academy.

CCSC is the initiator and partner with the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and Keep Columbus Beautiful in an Anti-Litter and Beautification Campaign, “Operation Esprit de Corps” within the tri-communities of Columbus, Fort Benning, and Phenix City.  Operation Esprit de Corps is an organized effort to involve organizations, schools, churches, businesses, and individuals in taking the Anti-Litter Pledge.  SGT. Jackson also launched another clean up campaign, “MLK Pride Months Clean Up Drive”, that focuses mainly on churches, schools, & individuals.  It asks all participants to adopt a spot to keep clean and maintain a litter-free environment within the tri-community.  The objective is to show respect and pride in our neighborhoods that will continue for generations to come.

 CCSC also has a city-wide voting awareness campaign.  Voting registration drives are held periodically throughout the year.  

 SGT. Jackson was Co-founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park located at the junction of Buena Vista Road and Lawyers Lane in Columbus, Georgia.  The major feature of this landmark pays tribute to 119 Tri-community area soldiers slain in the Vietnam War.  A sculpture stands in the center of the monument depicting homage through the patriotic events sponsored by CCSC, Inc.