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Who We Are

Major Programs

  • Kindergarten Readiness  significantly raises Pre-K children’s vocabulary levels in just 8 weeks
  • Dictionary Project for all MCSD third grade students. Promotes staying in school. In eight years over 22,000 presented.
  • Adult Literacy Class helps undereducated adults become more self-sufficient through learning to read, health literacy, financial literacy, and personal safety classes. 
  • Free Books  Distributing books to low income children and adults to encourage the love of reading and share with them learning opportunities.


What We Do

Literacy Alliance, originally known as Columbus Literate Community Program, has been a part of our community since 1990. It was through this organization, with tremendous community support and thousands of volunteer hours, that Columbus was named the first Certified Literate Community in the state by Georgia’s Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP). Our programs reach a wide variety of people, but they are all focused on one message: increasing literacy levels.


Facts for School Year 2015-16

    • 327 volunteers (non-adult class)
    • 9 adult class tutors
    • 1487 volunteer hours
    • 881 direct tutoring hours
    • 2368 total volunteer hours
    • 2000 reading books given away *
    • 2448 dictionaries presented
    • 1500+ television messages *