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Columbus Community Center

Who We Are

 The Columbus Community Center provide students grades K-12 with access to homework assistance, tutors, cultural enrichment, and recreational opportunities.  As a result, we not only provide our children with structured time and activities, but we provide countless parents and grandparents with the confidence and knowledge that their children are safe.  Ideally, the Columbus Community Center provide the children in our community with programs that help broaden their horizons, challenge their imaginations, and find the hero within.  Our children will have the opportunity to soar beyond their expectations.

The Columbus Community Center has made a tremendous difference in the community and has impacted thousands of youth and families over the past 65 years. The Center promotes the culture of youth and adults. It works with schools, churches, and the general public to provide an opportunity for everyone to attain the best possible physical, scholastic, moral and school training, Clubs groups, and organizations may use the center for meetings, social affairs and community-related activities. Some activities may require a small fee. Memberships are always welcome!




What We Do

The Center was founded by educators in 1946 originally named the Fifth Avenue Community Center.  Due to urban renewal, the Fifth Avenue Community Center moved and was renamed the Tenth Street Community Center.  The present Center is a generous donation from John and Elena Amos.  Mr. Amos was the founder of American Family Life Assurance Company(AFLAC).

Because of the donation, the Center can better serve the Columbus citizens with more meaningful services, activities and programs.